Customer Story: Using Essential Oils to Treat Hives

Customer Story: Using Essential Oils to Treat Hives

We are always interested in hearing our reader’s experiences using essential oils. Today’s letter comes from C. Jeanie Ballard from Integrative Healing Therapies. She used various oil blends  from Rocky Mountain Oils, to get rid of her client’s hives.

HivesThe Letter

I had a client who came to me with a terrible case of hives. She had been through a series of medical tests but had not received the results. She was miserable and it seemed that the hives were spreading and getting worse for several weeks before she called me desperate for help. I felt guided to use the Breakthrough oils along with Healing Touch and BLU-e Intuitive Healing.

Below is the sequence

1. I placed 6 drops of Aligning on each foot and held them for one minute to balance the energy in her system.

2. I rubbed 3 drops of Balance into my palms; then drew my palms through her auric field along the energy meridians on the sides of her body from the crown to her feet to harmonize and balance the energy centers of her body. (Observed several energetic releases — body shifting and realigning)

3. I applied 2 drops of Love in the field just above her naval in a clockwise direction to allow for releasing and letting go of negative feelings.

4. I applied 2 drops of Love in the field over the heart to increase the frequency of unconditional love and to allow for joy. (Observed a huge physical release when my palms were over her heart).

5. I applied 2 drops of Present Moments on her Thymus to allow her be “in the NOW”.

6. I applied 2 drops of Trauma-Gone over the liver to release any anger that may have been stored within the cells of the Liver. (I observed a large energetic release when my palms were over the Liver.)

The best ways to use essential Oils for massage7. I applied 1 drop of At Peace under the nose and 1 drop in the field above her naval to eliminate traumatic memory. (I observed an energetic release –her body rapidly jerked in the area of the liver.)

8. I applied 2 drops of Guardian on her crown and on her shoulders for protection.

9. I felt guided to finish the treatment with 3 drops of Aligning on the soles of her feet to seal in the frequencies of the oils used in the session.

My client reported that she had felt as though she had been in an altered state for most of the session–but noted that she experienced a mental and emotional shift and felt very relaxed and calm. She noted that she was experiencing a slightly sore throat (release of anger), which dissipated and cleared as I guided her through some deep breathing exercises. She also reported receiving clarity about the cause of the hives, which she addressed immediately after the session — 5th Chakra –speaking one’s truth.

I am pleased to report that the hives were greatly diminished the next day and completely gone on the day after that. When she received the allergy test results from her physician, the tests indicated that she had no allergies. She has not experienced another episode since that time.

Thank you for the therapeutic oils. I found them to be of a very high frequency and can attest to their effectiveness.


C. Ballard

Thank You

Thanks again to Jeanie Ballard for sharing that experience with us. Feel free to visit her website at

If anyone else has an experience with Essential Oils that they would like to share, please tell us all about it by clicking the “Contact” button at the top this page.


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