Dana Frost, Capim Santo Alchemy

Dana Frost, Capim Santo Alchemy

Let me introduce you to Dana Frost.

Dana is a Master Life Coach and Aromatherapy Alchemist. Dana’s coaching alchemy transforms emotional baggage and trapped thinking into freedom, heals the heart and unveils the possibilities in any situation. She helps clients mine their mind, body, soul, emotion and energy wisdom to lead lives from their core strengths, values and intuition. Dana is an intuitive and spiritually insightful coach who utilizes Martha Beck coaching strategies and tools, aromatherapy, breath awareness, Resonance Repatterning and spiritual insight. She is a Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach.

Located in Chicago, IL, Capim Santo Alchemy coaching can be experienced through one-to-one coaching, virtual and in-person group coaching workshops, speaking engagements and Around the World Coaching Adventures™. So whether you live in the Chicago area or not, you can still benefit from Dana’s coaching.

Capim Santo Alchemy is the magical portal in which Dana engages with therapeutic essential oils to create blends that transform, heal and create resonance with the desires of her clients’s hearts, bodies, souls and minds.  During your session, Dana will clarify your responses and lead you on an extraordinary meditative journey which will illuminate the support you need from the therapeutic essential oil blend that will be created just for you. (Click here for more info on Dana’s aromatherapy consultation sessions)

Aromatherapy Consulations are sacred experiences that refresh the spirit and keep on giving through your signature essential oil blend.


From Dana’s blog post:  Pepper Me with Mint

Chewing gum is so yesterday!   It’s time to shine a brighter light on peppermint.

The bennies of peppermint are vast.

World peace take notice.

Peppermint encourages emotional tolerance.  Imagine if peppermint massages were part ritual in peace negotiations.

Time to sprinkle the planet with peppermint oil!

Clearly traditional conflict resolution has not been effective.

(see more)

A little more about Dana

My journey with essential oils began during a painful season in my life when I felt I was barely treading water. I had extended myself beyond my capacity and my system needed tender loving, luxurious care.

The essential oils awakened all my senses. I found my mood improved, my immunity became more resistant, my self-awareness was more astute, I shifted negative energy more rapidly and my intuition was sharper.

The simple act of putting on the essential oil was pleasurable.

It was a win win for me, my curiosity was peeked and I began studying the therapeutic properties of oils.

 (For more information, click here to go directly to Dana’s website.)

Finally, in the words of Dana: “Aromatherapy is a balm to your soul, body, mind and energetic body. It’s bathing your deepest desires or suffering in the most delicious, mouth-watering nectar.”


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