Can you use Melaleuca on dogs?

Can you use Melaleuca on dogs?

Q:  Helichrysum worked wonders on a severe cut (4″ x 1″ x 1/3″ deep) my dog got on his chest . We thought he would need stitches, but his gaping wound healed beautifully. I also used some Melaleuca on his wound. However, afterwards, I read an article that stated that Melaleuca is extremely toxic for dogs. Is that true?

A: I hope you applied Melaleuca Alternifolia.  The Alternifolia is excellent for use as an antimicrobial and antiseptic essential oil for skin conditions, although it’s likely to sting on an open wound. However–and this is important–it should be diluted!  So your better off sticking to the Helichrysum, which will help the wound heal quickly and reduce scarring.

The other Melaleucas, although antimicrobial and antiseptic, aren’t really appropriate for that kind of use.

The dog obviously tolerated the oil, but that’s one oil I really don’t recommend except under extreme conditions (besides, it shows up in the blood culture of performance animals, and is not allowed in


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