Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Books

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Books

Here is the list of books I like to reference, ones I want to share with you to give you ideas of what to get for your own library. I have them listed in categories and I will add to these lists as I find more books. Some of these books are out of print, sadly enough. However, you can usually find a used copy online. Nearly all can be found on, but you can also check for them elsewhere.

Must haves

These are the books everyone should have in their library.

  1. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The Complete Guide to the Use of Oils in Aromatherapy & Herbalism, by Julia Lawless
  2. 500 Formulas for Aromatherapy, by Carol Schiller and David Schiller
  3. The Aromatherapy Encyclopedia: A Concise Guide to Over 385 Plant Oils, by Carol Schiller & David Schiller
  4. The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, by Valerie Ann Worwood
  5. The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy, by Chrissie Wildwood
  6. The Essential Oils Handbook: All the Oils You Will Ever Need for Health, Vitality, and Well-Being, by Jennie Harding
  7. The Complete Book of Massage and Aromatherapy: A Practical Illustrated Guide to Achieving Relaxation and Well-Being with Top-to-Toe Body Treatments and Essential Oils, edited by Catherine Stuart
  8. The Essential Oils Book: Creating Personal Blends for Mind & Body, by Colleen K. Dodt
  9. Essential Living: Aromatherapy for Health & Living, by Andrea Butje
  10. The Aromatherapy Companion, by Victoria H. Edwards

Books aimed specifically at children

  1. The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants, by Mary Bove, N.D.
  2. Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child: More Than 300 Natural, Nontoxic, and Fragrant Essential Oil Blends, by Valerie Ann Worwood
  3. Aromatherapy for Babies and Children, by Shirley Price and Penny Price Parr
  4. The Holistic Baby Guide: Alternative Care for COmmon Health Problems, by Randall Neustaedter, OMD
  5. Natural Baby Care: Pure and Soothing Recipes and Techniques for Mothers and Babies, by Colleen K. Dodt

Next step

These are the ones to get next. Ones that take you a step further or will give you more possibilities of recipes, teach you how to make up your own recipes, etc.

  1. Seasons of Aromatherapy, by Judith Fitzsimmons and Paula M. Bousquet
  2. Medical Aromatherapy: Healing with Essential Oils, by Kurt Schnaubelt
  3. The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy, by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.
  4. The Art of Aromatherapy: The Healing and Beautifying Properties of the Essential Oils of Flowers and Herbs, by Robert B. Tisserand
  5. Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals, 2nd Edition, by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young
  6. Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, by Shirley Price and Len Price
  7. Aromatherapy Workbook: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Essential Oils, by Shirley Price
  8. The Aromatherapy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils, by Gill Farrer-Halls
  9. Aromatherapy: An A-Z: The Most Comprehensive Guide to Aromatherapy Ever Published, by Patricia Davis
  10. Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art, 2nd edition, by Kathi Keville and Mindy Green
  11. Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Practice, 2nd Edition,  by Jane Buckle


  1. The Soapmaker’s Companion: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipe’s Techniques & Know-How, by Susan Miller Cavitch
  2. Making Transparent Soap: the Art of Crafting, Molding, Scenting & Coloring, by Catherine Failor
  3. Making Natural Liquid Soaps, by Catherine Failor
  4. Melt & Mold Soap Crafting, by C. Kaila Westerman
  5. Smart Soapmaking, by Anne L. Watson
  6. Milk-Based Soaps: Making Natural Skin-Nourishing Soap, by Casey Makela
  7. The Everything Soapmaking Book: Recipes and Techniques for Creating Colorful and Fragrant Soaps, 2nd edition by Alicia Grosso
  8. The Natural Soap Book: Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps, by Susan Miller Cavitch
  9. Soap: Making It, Enjoying It, by Ann Bramson
  10. The Soap Book: Simple Herbal Recipes, by Sandy Maine
  11. Essentially Soap: The Elegant Art of Handmade Soap, by Dr. Robert S. McDaniel
  12. Soapmaking for Fun & Profit: Make Money Doing What You Love! By Maria Nerius

Personal care

Books on making your own natural personal care products.

  1. Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: 175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures, and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family, by Rosemary Gladstar
  2. Natural Beauty at Home: More than 250 Easy-to-Use Recipes for Body, Bath, and Hair, by Janice Cox
  3. Do It Gorgeously: How To Make Less Toxic, Less Expensive, and More Beautiful Products, by Sophie Uliano
  4. Smart Lotionmaking, by Anne L. Watson
  5. Ecobeauty: Scrubs, Rubs, Masks, and Bath Bombs for You and Your Friends, by Lauren Cox and Janice Cox
  6. Natural Beauty for All Seasons, by Janice Cox
  7. Organic Body Care Recipes: 175 Homemade Herbal Formulas for Glowing Skin & a Vibrant Self, by Stephanie Tourles
  8. Hands On Healing Remedies: 150 Recipes for Herbal Balms, Salves, Oils, Liniments, and other Topical Therapies, by Stephanie L. Tourles
  9. Natural Home Spa, by Sian Rees
  10. Organic Beauty with Essential Oil: For Natural Skin Care, Hair Care and Bath & Body Products, by Rebecca Park Totilo
  11. Green Beauty Recipes: Easy Homemade Recipes to Make Your Own Natural & Organic Skincare, Hair Care, and Body Care Products, by Julie Gabriel
  12. DIY Kitchen Chemistry: Simple Homemade Bath & Body Projects, by Kayla Fioravanti, R.A.

Hair Care

  1. Naturally Healthy Hair: Herbal Treatments and Daily Care for Fabulous Hair, by Mary Beth Janssen
  2. Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty, Hair, and Skin Care, by Erich Keller

Scents and perfumes

These books involve understanding the scents of your oils and learning how to use them to make your own perfumes, colognes, etc.

  1. The Secret of Scent: Adventures in Perfume and the Science of Smel,l by Luca Turin
  2. Scents & Sensibilities: Creating Solid Perfumes for Well-Being, by Mandy Aftel
  3. Essence & Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume, by Mandy Aftel
  4. Perfumes, Splashes & Colognes: Discovering and Crafting Your Personal Fragrances, by Nancy M. Booth
  5. The Fragrant Mind: Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood, and Emotion, by Valerie Ann Worwood
  6. The Smell Culture Reader, Edited by Jim Drobnic
  7. The Scent of Desire, by Rachel Herz

Cleaning house

Always good to have books for this!

  1. The Naturally Clean Home: 150 Super-Easy Herbal Formulas for Green Cleaning, by Karyn Siegel-Maier
  2. DIY Natural Household Cleaners: How To Make Your Own Cleaners Naturally, by Matt & Betsy Jab


  1. 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols, by Jeanne Rose
  2. Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy, by Suzanne Catty

And finally,

Do you have books you recommend that I don’t have on here? Please let me know in the comment section down below. I will add to this list from time to time as I find more books and as you let me know of more.



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Ora Hart
Ora Hart

What is the best essential oils to use for a pimple or at acne by the eye


I love these books "Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails" by Dr Scott A. Johnson

"Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals" by Kristen Leigh Bell

"Essential Aromatherapy: a pocket guide to EOs & Aromatherapy" by Susan and Valerie Ann Worwood

Love your site! Thank you for being here to guide those curious about essential oils.

Blessing ~Jenna


A must have book on EO for animals is ADR or Animal Desk Reference Melissa Shelton DVM

JCShannon moderator

@Grammynits  Oh good! I was hoping for recommendations on books for pets. I will be sure to go get it for myself! Thank you! JC


Awesome book . Over 500 pages . Well worth the price . I think I paid about $65. Google the book or her

JCShannon moderator

@Grammynits  I definitely will! I love it when people send me book recommendations. I'm always trying to expand my library. I'll have to put a Pets category in the article. Thanks! JC


You are so very welcome . Kindest regards


If you had to pick just one book as a beginner's guide to essential oils, which one would you choose?

JCShannon moderator

@hmt90a  I would go with The Complete Book of Essential OIls and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood first. Probably because that is the first book I got! :D It helped me more than anything first and led me to the others.


Do you have any suggestions on resources for using EOs with dogs?

JCShannon moderator

@MeganWilson1 I haven't researched treating animals as much, mainly because I don't HAVE any animals to treat with the oils  so I asked around. The one I've heard the most good things about is   Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A Comprehensive Guide to the Use of Essential Oils & Hydrosols with Animals by Kristin Leigh Bell Hope this helps! 


The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood is my favorite essential oil book.