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Essential Oil Hair Care: Dry and Damaged Hair

...on, stress level, age, hormones, amount of sleep, medications, and/or chemical treatments. In a lot of ways, dry hair can also lead to dry dandruff, because the skin cells dry up and flake off. But there is hope! Below is a list of the best essential oils for dry hair care, some good points of interest, and several recipes. Have some fun! Best Oils Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Rosemary, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Myrrh, Pepperm... Read More »

Aromatherapy Skin Care: All-Over Body Care

...he largest organ of the body, the rest of the body needs to be looked at. Whatever type of skin you have — Oily, Dry, Combination, Normal, or Mature — essential oils are a great way to take care of your skin in a natural and healthy way. The articles discussing the different skin types list the oils best used for each type. Make sure you refer to those as well. And remember: “Pampering is not a dirty word; it’s a downright... Read More »

Essential Oil Hair Care: Alopecia and Fragile Hair

...let the herbs steep in an airtight container for a couple of days before straining and using. (7) Rocky Mountain Oils has a blend called Hair Support that has helped many people slow down their hair loss. You can add it to any of the shampoo blends listed here for essential oil of choice. You can also gently massage 1-2 drops in a bit of Castor oil and Jojoba oil into your scalp. Recipes Here are a few recipes to try.  Be sure to try these recip... Read More »

Essential Oil Hair Care: Normal Hair

Normal hair is what we all want. It’s hair that has the perfect blend of oil and dry. It is shiny, healthy, and has plenty of body and bounce to it. That is what everyone is working to achieve. If you are so blessed, I am so happy for you! If you have worked hard to achieve that result, we have here some essential oil recipes to help you maintain it. This is another article in our Essential Oil Hair Care series. For more, you can  look at... Read More »

Understanding Carrier Oils manufacture prostaglandins — hormone-like substances that balance and regulate cellular activity.  This oil is often used internally as well as externally. Helps repair sun-damaged skin and helps reduce the aging process. Because of the GLA, it’s possible it can help slow down diabetic neuropathy. Is also a good one to use when treating cellulite. Castor: (Ricinus communis) Very thick, heavy, yellowish oil. Top oil for hair care bu... Read More »

Essential Oil Hair Care: Oily Hair

...pensate. Other causes are often genetic, hormonal changes, or bad diet. This is not as common a condition as dry hair is with people today. In fact, you mostly find it in teenagers due to their hormones changing. So let’s talk about what essential oils to use on oily hair, the next installment in our Essential Oil Hair Care series. Best oils Essential Oils: Bergamot FCF, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Lavender, Cypress, Frankincense, Eucalyptus glo... Read More »

Essential Oil Hair Care: Dandruff

Who likes dandruff? Yeah. I don’t either. It’s pretty annoying. This is the next installment in our Essential Oil Hair Care series. What is dandruff Skin cells die every day. They flake off on their own and that is normal. However, when your scalp flakes off excessive amounts of dead skin cells, it is called dandruff. There are two types of dandruff, simple dandruff (Pityriasis), and greasy dandruff (Seborrheic dermatitis).  Simple d... Read More »

Natural Men’s Care: Dandruff

...Massage it into scalp really well. No need to rinse it off. Do it after each time you shampoo and condition your hair until you have the dandruff under control. Then you can do it once every week or so for maintenance. (12) While we also have an article on dandruff in the Essential Oil Hair Care series, the recipes will be different, though the beginning information is much the same. It’d be good to look through the recipes in each to see i... Read More »

Aromatherapy Skin Care: Combination Skin

As part of our Aromatherapy Skin Care articles, Combination skin is the next in the series on using essential oils to take care of your skin.. Combination skin is the most common of all skin types. Skin is oily in the T-zone — across forehead and down the nose and chin — and dry everywhere else. The oily parts need more cleansing than the rest of the face. The best way to treat it is to read up on both the Dry Skin and Oily Skin trea... Read More »

Natural Men’s Care: Balding

...kinds of scents he has around him so I looked into more natural ways to deal with this issue. Methods involving essential oils so we can not only create a scent he likes but also use something much more natural for him that will be better than any synthetic chemicals. Best oils Essential Oils for Hair Care: Rosemary, Lavender, Patchouli, Peppermint, Birch Bark, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Thyme, Basil, Cedarwood, Cypress, Geranium,... Read More »