What are Key Constituents?

 To many, Key Constituents look like some fancy words with a bunch of pretty percentages. Here’s a quick look at why knowing the key constituents of an oil can help you. What are they? Key constituents are chemical compounds that are found in the essential oil. These are a measurable means to part of what gives the essential oils their ... Read More »

How-To Apply Essential Oils Topically

There are three ways to apply essential oils — Diffusing, Topical, and Ingestion. While diffusion is the best method of application, topical is a very close second. Figuring out which oils can be used neat (undiluted) on the skin and which can not depends on the person and their own body chemistry. For example, most people can Read More »

Lavender Oil: A Scientific Look

How do we know what Lavender is used for? Where is the proof? What does Science tell us? There are a lot of independent studies done on many different aspects of lavender and its individual key constituents. We’ve summarized all Read More »

Lavender Oil: A History

When asked which oil is the “must-have” oil in any essential oil kit, we repeatedly receive the same response: Lavender. By far the most common oil in the essential oil industry is lavender and for many great reasons. First of all it is a very Read More »

Understanding Carrier Oils

Everywhere you look, responsible essential oil companies and aromatherapists tell you to always use a carrier oil with your essential oils when applying topically. Why? Essential oils are very powerful. They are highly concentrated essences distilled from specific herbs, fruits, resins, trees, and plants. As such, they can be really Read More »

Therapeutic Grade vs Food Grade

This is a common question asked because there are some essential oil companies who are touting their oils as “food grade” and they insist that if the essential oils offered by another company are not listed as “food grade” then Read More »

Natural Men’s Care: Feet

There are very few things that can kill the mood quicker than smelly, gross, crusty feet. Best turn off ever when you take those shoes and socks off and the smell permeates the room, crawling into the nose of your significant other and you watch as they turn away and suddenly remember Read More »

Why do oil scents vary from company to company?

Here are some common questions asked of many essential oil companies: Why do the scents vary from company to company? Why is it that I can get the same oil from the same company and the scent isn’t exactly the same? Shouldn’t they all smell exactly the same? Sound familiar to thoughts you have had? The answer is Read More »

Essential Oil Distillation Processes

It’s fascinating to look at how essential oils are distilled. The majority are steam distilled but there are some which are distilled or extracted in other ways. Essential oils need to be extracted in specific ways for specific oils.  Here is a list, with a short description of each. Steam Distilled The most common method of extracting an essential oil ... Read More »

Making Sachets with Essential Oils

I don’t just use essential oils to help me treat any particular issues, health or physical. I also use them because I like their scent. Don’t you? I find ways to make my clothes and my home smell like my favorite scents rather than commercial scents. Scented sachets help accomplish that very thing. They are something you should always have ... Read More »