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What are Key Constituents?

 To many, Key Constituents look like some fancy words with a bunch of pretty percentages. Here’s a quick look at why knowing the key constituents of an oil can help you. What are they? Key constituents are chemical compounds that are found in the essential oil. These are a measurable means to part of what gives the essential oils their ... Read More »

Lavender Oil: A Scientific Look

How do we know what Lavender is used for? Where is the proof? What does Science tell us? There are a lot of independent studies done on many different aspects of lavender and its individual key constituents. We’ve summarized all Read More »

Lavender Oil: A History

When asked which oil is the “must-have” oil in any essential oil kit, we repeatedly receive the same response: Lavender. By far the most common oil in the essential oil industry is lavender and for many great reasons. First of all it is a very Read More »

Therapeutic Grade vs Food Grade

This is a common question asked because there are some essential oil companies who are touting their oils as “food grade” and they insist that if the essential oils offered by another company are not listed as “food grade” then Read More »

Essential Oil Distillation Processes

It’s fascinating to look at how essential oils are distilled. The majority are steam distilled but there are some which are distilled or extracted in other ways. Essential oils need to be extracted in specific ways for specific oils.  Here is a list, with a short description of each. Steam Distilled The most common method of extracting an essential oil ... Read More »

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Books

Here is the list of books I like to reference, ones I want to share with you to give you ideas of what to get for your own library. I have them listed in categories and I will add to these lists as I find more books. Some of these books are out of print, sadly enough. However, you can ... Read More »