Cleaning/ Disinfect

Cleaning House with Essential Oils: The Basics

Realtors, and those educated in essential oils, know the atmosphere of a home is determined by aroma. Certain scents, like freshly baked bread and cinnamon buns, will sell a house quicker than the smell of commercial cleaners and bleach, even though the second is a “clean” smell. In ages past, people put aromatic rushes and other sweet smelling herbs under the ... Read More »

Cleaning House with Essential Oils: Kitchens

The kitchen of any home is a common gathering place for family members. Holiday dinners, birthdays, other parties, people usually congregate in the kitchen. So you definitely want to keep it hospitable, clean, and smelling nice. And who doesn’t want to get rid of the smell of cooked bacon and burnt toast crumbs? As part of our series of cleaning ... Read More »

Cleaning House with Essential Oils: Bathrooms

Bathrooms. Sigh. They seem to always be dirty! Especially if you have children. But you don’t have to buy all of the harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom. Here are some suggestions of ways to clean your bathroom using much more environmentally friendly methods. Methods that are safer for the people in your home. Methods you can also trust your ... Read More »

Getting Rid of the Stink in Your Shoes with Essential Oils

There is very little that smells worse than stinky shoes. Especially when the shoes belong to a hormonal teenager. And if you have several pair to deal with, well,… When I was researching recipes for cleaning your house with essential oils, I found several recipes for cleaning the stink from your sneakers, boots, and other shoes so here you go! ... Read More »