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Treating Croup with Essential Oils

It’s so heartbreaking to listen to your child with croup. The sharp, barky cough and the wheezing breath is so painful and you wish you could just take it instantly away. Croup is a viral infection which causes the Read More »

Natural Men’s Care: Feet

There are very few things that can kill the mood quicker than smelly, gross, crusty feet. Best turn off ever when you take those shoes and socks off and the smell permeates the room, crawling into the nose of your significant other and you watch as they turn away and suddenly remember Read More »

What Essential Oils Can Help Ease My Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a terrible condition that more and more people are suffering from. It is hard to find good information because while it has been around a long time, the condition has only recently been  named and studied so not as much is written about it in aromatherapy. Also, what is probably worse, they still don’t know what causes fibromyalgia. It could ... Read More »

Essential Oils for Children

A common question asked is what essential oils are not safe to use topically on children? As it changes according to age, it’s much easier to say  which ones are safe for each age, rather than which ones are not. Once they are age 12, you can use the oils as you would for an adult. You must make sure you ... Read More »

Ingestion, yes or no? Methods to apply essential oils

This is a hot topic in the essential oil world. Can essential oils be ingested? Yes, with reservations. Many essential oils can be taken internally. However, here is what is important: Ingestion of essential oils is the Read More »

Beginning Soap Making: Using Soap Bases

Making your own soap is a great thing to do because then you can decide what the scent will be and hone it to suit you and your individuality. This is something I’ve looked into because I like to be the one to determine what Read More »

Treating Cold & Flu Symptoms with Essential Oils: Age 7-12

Cold and flu symptoms make you feel so crappy. And I think what is worse is watching your children go through them. As part 2 of the Treating Cold and Flu Symptoms with Essential Oils, this article covers a few ideas of things you can do with essential oils  for your children. * While you can use the recipes and ... Read More »

Making Sachets with Essential Oils

I don’t just use essential oils to help me treat any particular issues, health or physical. I also use them because I like their scent. Don’t you? I find ways to make my clothes and my home smell like my favorite scents rather than commercial scents. Scented sachets help accomplish that very thing. They are something you should always have ... Read More »

Treating Cold & Flu Symptoms with Essential Oils: Age 13 and Up

You feel awful. Your throat hurts, you have postnasal drip, you have a fever, no energy, you feel like cotton wool is in your ears, your nose runs, you’re grumpy and whiney, you sneeze a lot, you cough a lot, everything tastes and smells weird, all you want to do is sleep,… Sound familiar? Yep. It’s Cold & Flu season ... Read More »

Ajowan Seed Oil, Some Uses

Ajowan Seed (Trachyspermum ammi) oil is not a very well known oil. The plant comes from the Asian region, mainly India, and the seeds have a long history of us in curry powder. The oil is extremely similar to Thyme oil, even down to the scent. I actually have a hard time telling the difference. The only way I can tell the ... Read More »