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Adding CBD to Your Beauty Routine

For many of us, the promise of beautiful skin is almost too good to pass up. We all want the added confidence that a healthy and balanced complexion can offer, but with so many products out there, how can we know which ones to choose? Thankfully, as CBD oil comes center stage, and the outdated stereotypes surrounding cannabidiol are exchanged for something more high-end and luxurious, more consumers are discovering the game-changing benefits of CBD in skincare. So the real question here is, how does CBD fit into your beauty routine and improve the look of your skin?

CBD and Topical Application

When CBD is applied topically, it restores balance throughout the body by activating the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors within each skin cell. This activation can help lower inflammation, remove toxins, and reduce pain within the specific areas where you applied CBD. This treatment for pain and inflammation can be invaluable for any consumer, and it can help with a wide range of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and even psoriasis. Caught your attention yet? Let’s learn more about how topical CBD application can benefit your beauty routine.

Acne-Prone Skin

As an inflammatory condition, acne affects many individuals throughout the world, regardless of age or gender. If you’re looking for help in controlling your acne outbreaks, CBD might be the answer you’re looking for. Include a few drops of CBD oil in your daily skincare routine to reduce the production of excess sebum and calm inflamed areas for a clearer and more balanced complexion.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Each day, our skin comes in contact with a wide range of pollutants that can actually speed up the aging process. CBD oil is a great way to arm your skin with the defense it needs by providing anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD also has antioxidant properties that work with your body to essentially stop the hands of time for an age-defying look. Simply add a drop or two of full-spectrum CBD oil to your favorite moisturizer to experience more supple, youthful-looking skin.

Providing Relief

CBD is an incredibly useful oil for alleviating pain and reducing inflammation, which is especially useful for skin issues such as sunburns, rosacea, and eczema. By creating balance to the skin’s natural cellular functions, CBD can provide some much-needed relief from minor irritations for calmer, clearer, and more beautiful skin.

Working from the Inside-Out

We all know the saying, “beauty shines from within”, which couldn’t be more in-line with our culture’s belief that good health is beautiful. Augment your current beauty routine from the inside out by ingesting CBD oil for reduced stress, improved beauty sleep, and inflammation control that will leave your body feeling — and looking — its best. Unsure about where to start in your CBD journey? Visit our Beginner’s Guide to CBD for more information on the benefits of CBD oil and how to use it.

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