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CBD for Migraine Relief

It’s 4 PM. You’re finishing up some last-minute work tasks, when you’re suddenly struck with an intense headache that leaves you with neck pain, nausea, and even sensitivity to light. 

If this scenario sounds familiar, then you may be part of the 12% of the world population which regularly suffers from migraines. The exact cause of this neurological issue is unclear, but health professionals agree that some common migraine triggers can include stress, hormone changes, and insufficient sleep.

Thankfully, if you’re looking for migraine relief, you can prevent and/or treat frequent migraines with some simple lifestyle changes, of which CBD can help support. See below to find out how CBD oil can support you in reducing migraine triggers, and how to find relief during an episode.


Stress is one of the leading triggers for migraines. In fact, 4 out of 5 people have reported stress as a main cause for their episodes. Many factors lend themselves to stress, but there are thankfully many ways to help manage excess stress and make for a more peaceful and pain-free lifestyle. 

CBD is a powerful tool in managing stress because it activates the body’s CB1 receptors to help balance the body and naturally boost serotonin levels. By utilizing CBD oil in your daily routine, you can help lower stress levels, thus creating a calmer state of mind and reducing the likelihood of migraine headaches.

Hormone Changes

Did you know that women are three times more likely than men to suffer from migraines? Experts believe that this increased risk is often a result of fluctuating estrogen levels, which can arise from a variety of female-related health issues, including menopause, menstruation, and even pregnancy. 

CBD is great for supporting women’s health, as it naturally regulates the endocannabinoid system and balances the body’s hormones. This improved harmony can greatly reduce the frequency of migraine symptoms, and it can be a powerful tool for women who experience an increase in migraines due to menopause, hormonal contraceptives, or during their monthly cycle. Add CBD oil into your day for hormonal balance, and reduce the frequency of hormonal migraine triggers.

Insufficient Sleep

Poor sleep quality is one of the biggest concerns for migraine sufferers. Sleep is one of the most important of our bodily functions because it helps rejuvenate the mind and body to support good mental and physical health. However, when we experience interruptions in our daily sleep patterns, the outcome can be disorienting — and for some, extremely painful. 

If you are experiencing changes to your sleeping patterns, consider including Full-Spectrum CBD oil in your daily routine. CBD is a great option for those who find it difficult to fall asleep, or who cannot stay asleep throughout the night. By lowering anxiety levels and preparing the body for rest, CBD can greatly improve your sleep quality and help lower the chance of migraines caused by fatigue.

Find Your Relief

Unfortunately, migraines affect many people in the world each day, and is the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world. However, with the help of pure CBD, it is possible to help combat the symptoms of migraines and even reduce the triggers that can cause these painful neurological episodes. If you would like to get started with CBD oil to help find the migraine relief you deserve, please visit our Beginner’s Guide to CBD for more information, or visit our shop for 100% pure, full-spectrum CBD.

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