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Maximizing the Shelf Life of Your CBD Oil

Great job on starting your CBD journey — this is so exciting! After doing your research, you now know the difference between broad and full-spectrum CBD oil and are a little more comfortable with your recommended CBD dosage. All that’s left is to purchase your ingestible CBD oil and start reaping the benefits that Mother Nature has to offer! But while you’re experiencing better sleep, reduced pain, and improved stress management, you may be wondering, “how can I store my new CBD oil to ensure the longest shelf-life?”

As with many products created from plant compounds, CBD oil has a window of time where the product is most effective for use. Based on recent studies, the general timeframe for CBD oil is around 14-24 months, but improper storage and use can vastly reduce this number. Heat, oxygen, and light can adversely affect the chemical composition within CBD oil, reducing its beneficial properties over time. Ensure that your new CBD purchase remains effective for longer by taking the following precautions when storing your CBD oil.

Keep It Cool

Warm temperatures adversely affect the chemical composition within CBD, causing the product to become less effective and thus reducing any positive benefits CBD provides.. Storing your new CBD oil in a cool space is vital for maximizing the shelf life of your purchase. We recommend storing your CBD oil away from areas that experience a lot of heat, such as:

  • Spaces near your oven or stovetop
  • In your car (especially during warm weather)
  • Near heating vents or space heaters

Our suggestion: Avoid warm spaces, and search instead for cooler environments to store your CBD oil. Areas like your kitchen pantry or medicine cabinet are great options.

The Darker, the Better

Adding a bit of sunshine to your space is normally a great thing, but you definitely want to reduce the amount of light your CBD is exposed to on a daily basis. Both natural and artificial light have a negative impact on the organic components of CBD oil and can vastly reduce their efficiency when it comes to providing health benefits. When looking for an area to store your CBD oil, we recommend avoiding bright or sunny spaces, such as:

  • Your window sill
  • On your work desk 
  • On an open shelf/counter

Our suggestion: store your CBD oil in a dark environment that is protected from sunlight, such as enclosed cupboards or a nightstand drawer. 

Avoid Air Exposure

When you buy quality CBD oil, it will already be stored in an airtight jar or bottle to protect the product from oxygen. When CBD is exposed to air, oxidation can occur, causing your product to break down faster and degrade. While using your CBD oil, we recommend avoiding actions that could unnecessarily expose your product to oxygen, such as:

  • Leaving the product open or the lid loose
  • Transferring the product into an open container

Our suggestion: Take extra care to ensure that the lid of your CBD oil is secured tightly each time you use it, and avoid leaving the product open for long periods of time.

Making the Most Out of Your Purchase

Wellness is important, and CBD oil offers a long-term option that naturally improves both physical and mental health for a happier, healthier, and more comfortable lifestyle. While your CBD oil is taking care of you, make sure you return the favor by adopting proper storage techniques that will allow you to get the best value from your hemp oil product. 

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