Traveling With CBD

With the weather warming, it’s usually time to start planning your vacations. Whether you’re traveling for spring break, summer vacation, or for work, it’s inevitable that you or someone you know is experiencing some sort of stress or anxiety about travel.

Did you know that almost 1 in 3 adults in the United States experience anxiety or fear about traveling by plane?

CBD can be your best friend when it comes to traveling because it is great at relieving stress, promoting relaxation, and helping your mind and body handle anxiety and anxious thoughts. This could really come in handy when you are flying across the country or driving long hours.

The last thing you should be worried about it whether or not you can even travel with your CBD oil. Here, we will be discussing any possible restrictions and tips for traveling with your CBD oil.

Flying With CBD

When you are packing your bags and preparing for your flight, something you ask yourself is, “Can I bring my CBD oil on the plane?”

If you are going off of the new federal law, then the simple answer is yes. However, there are some things to take into account before you board your flight. It is always suggested that you check the specific laws of the state you are traveling to in regards to hemp-derived CBD oil. Even though CBD oil is now federally legal, it does not mean that all states consider it legal. If the state still classifies hemp and CBD as marijuana, and if marijuana is illegal in that state, CBD will most likely also be illegal. This is very important to consider when deciding whether you should or should not take your CBD oil with you on your vacation. If you are traveling by plane and would like to bring your CBD along, here are some things you need to know:

  • Make sure your CBD oil is hemp-derived and contains little to no THC. If it does contain THC, it cannot be above the 0.3% legal limit.
  • Pack your CBD oil in your carry-on bag. If your CBD oil is in your carry-on, you may have the chance to explain the product if the TSA inspects your bag.
  • Bring any documents regarding your CBD oil, e.g., test results, receipts, etc.
  • Follow all liquid regulations provided by the airline. Most airlines require that liquid be in containers that are no bigger than 3.4 ounces.
  • DO NOT FLY INTERNATIONALLY WITH CBD! CBD oil is frowned upon in some countries and traveling internationally with it can be seriously risky. In some countries, traveling with CBD can potentially result in arrests or detainment.

What can you do instead of traveling with CBD oil?

If you are still experiencing anxiety about getting on your flight or entering a new state that you may not be familiar with, and if you are not sure if you want to take your CBD with you, here are some alternatives to traveling with your CBD oil:

  • Take your dose of CBD oil 20-40 minutes before boarding your flight. This will allow enough time for the CBD to absorb and provide the boost of relaxation you need for the flight.
  • Ship your CBD oil to your hotel or Airbnb so that it arrives when you do.
  • Purchase your CBD oil once you reach your destination.


Because your hemp-derived CBD oil is legal, driving with your CBD oil should not pose any trouble. However, as mentioned previously, it is important to do your research before crossing state lines with CBD oil. As long as your CBD oil follows the federal regulations and is legal in the state you are traveling to or through, there should be no reason to worry when driving with CBD oil.

Traveling with any type of cannabis product, whether it is legal, hemp-derived CBD oil or prescribed medical cannabis from a doctor, will always present some sort of risk. Always be safe, and always do your research before taking your CBD oil with you on your vacations and adventures!


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