CBD Beard Oil

Make Your Own CBD Beard Oil

If you’re a connoisseur of facial hair, you know that some of the most important aspects of proper beard care are careful maintenance and natural, high-quality products. Beard oil is a great addition to any men’s daily grooming regimen, as it not only helps tame wild hairs for a clean, groomed appearance, but also helps hydrate and nourish your skin and facial hair. Pair your everyday beard oil with the incredible wellness benefits of 100% pure CBD oil, and you’ve got yourself an amazing side-kick for life.

How Can CBD Support Your Beard?

CBD oil contains lipids and antioxidants that are not only great for nourishing the skin, but also reinforcing weak hair and encouraging healthy hair growth. The result? A fuller, more luscious beard. With incredible hydrating benefits, your CBD beard oil can reduce redness, irritation, and itchiness from shaving or beard grooming, creating healthier and happier skin. 

DIY CBD Beard Oil

To help you get started on making your facial hair look and feel its best, we’ve designed a CBD Beard Oil recipe that you can use on your own manly locks, or to give as a gift for the special bearded men in your life!

Makes about 1 fl oz of beard oil.

What You’ll Need: 


  • In a 1 oz dropper bottle, combine all ingredients and shake to incorporate.
  • For best results, apply 3-5 drops of beard oil after showering or cleansing the face for immediate nourishment.
  • Massage into the face and beard, starting from the follicles and moving through to the ends of the beard.

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