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Finding Your Perfect CBD Dosage

In this day and age, the push for natural alternatives is becoming more important to consumers who want to experience a happier and healthier life. With so many options available, it’s likely you’ve heard of CBD at some point in your search for natural health products. Research has shown that CBD can help with a wide range of health issues, including pain, insomnia, stress, and more, thus earning itself an incredible reputation for anyone looking for improved health.

This is exciting stuff, but if you’re just starting out on your CBD journey, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Learning things like how CBD works in the body, and the differences between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD are a great start to your journey. But after you’ve done your research and finally bought your new CBD oil, the question remains: How much CBD should I take?

Determining Your CBD Dosage

It’s important to understand that each person’s body is different, and CBD oil is not a one-size-fits-all type of health product. There are a few different factors that go into how much CBD your body needs to experience the benefits you desire. Things such as your body weight and your intended results will affect how CBD operates within your body, and how much you should take.

Body Weight

Understanding how your body breaks down new substances is the first step in discovering your recommended CBD dosage. It’s important to know that those with a higher body mass will most likely require a higher CBD dose than someone with a lower body mass. If you have a higher body mass and aren’t feeling the effects of your CBD oil, consider increasing your dosage little by little until you begin to experience the effects that you desire.

Intended Results

CBD is a great natural solution for a wide variety of health issues. Not only can CBD help provide much-needed pain relief, but it can help reduce stress and promote more restful sleep. With such a wide range of uses, it’s important to know what your desired results are before starting out on your CBD journey. If you want to take CBD oil to help with anxiety, your dose is going to be different than if you were to take CBD oil for an energy boost. Remember to take the time to solidify your intentions for using CBD and determine what will bring you the best results.

Our Recommendation: Starting Out Small

If you’re new to CBD, we recommend starting off with smaller doses and then working your way up to a higher dose. Simply taking half of a dropper (around 25ml) once a day for a week is a great start. If you don’t feel the effects that you’re looking for, add another half of a dropper to your dose and start the process over again for a full week. Continue this method until you feel the benefits of your dose. Keep in mind that the maximum CBD dosage is two droppers, twice daily.

Pro Tip: Log Your CBD Experience

If you’re interested in seeing how CBD affects your body, make time to record your daily experiences in a notebook. Documenting the way your body and mind feel while increasing your dosage can be an incredible ally throughout your CBD journey. 

Get Started With CBD Today

Creating new habits can be exciting—especially when those habits include better health and wellness! If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits and uses of CBD, feel free to check out our Beginner’s Guide to CBD and our range of full-spectrum CBD oil to get started.

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